The New Year – Hopes So Sweet

Posted by admin on Jan 16th, 2008
Jan 16

To those with confidence,
  And hopes so sweet;
  The future is a challenge,
  Laid at your feet.

Look to a horizon,
  To collect success complete;
  Where heart, mind and soul,
  Have hopes so sweet

For your mind and your soul,
  The journey is not far;
  For they have the wings,
  To reach any star.

But our heart
  Must depend on our feet;
  And talent – and confidence,
  That don’t always meet.

There is a journey,
  Called life complete;
  Needing talent and confidence,
  And willing feet.

There is a horizon,
  With dreams complete;
  That every heart longs,
  For hopes so sweet.

(c) Pat Mestern 2006

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