Magdalena’s Song

Posted by admin on Jan 16th, 2008
Jan 16

For the novel Magdalena’s Song , I’ve chosen to place the characters in rural Ontario. The book’s story takes place during a twelve day period in 1947 when a mysterious old man visits a fictional village on the Saugeen River in Grey County. Like any small communities, the man’s visit is considered to be suspicious by a number of local residents, especially when the lives of some of the most influential villagers begin to unravel quickly after his arrival. Is Daniel the ghost of a gypsy who once loved a woman from the area? Is he a labor organizer with a very slick cover story? Whatever – or whoever – he is, the village will never be the same after Daniel leaves.

Magdalena’s Song was written as a lasting tribute to the Romani who traveled through southern Ontario during the 1920’s – early 1950’s? The story immortalizes those individuals who traveled “the road” and whose music has always remained in my heart.

Author: Pat Mestern
Published 2003– Soft Cover
ISBN 0971304580 Publisher: Ingalls Publishing Group, Inc., Boone, North Carolina, U.S.A.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS A BOOK.   Can still be downloaded as an ebook from   or as good used copies from or