Posted by Pat Mestern on Jan 16th, 2008
Jan 16

Hello there!
       Welcome to patmestern.com. Thank you for dropping in. I hope that you will find the information on this site both interesting and entertaining.
       I do encourage readers to patronize book stores, but for those who might have difficulty sourcing my books, especially several of the earliest titles, I have included a Bookshop link to make it easier to purchase an autographed copy of any title. You can click on any book’s cover for a short introduction to its content and storyline.
       Enjoy Musings where all manner of material that tends to “roll off my pen” might find a home. Question of the Month will give some visitors food-for-thought. I do like to hear from readers and promise I will reply quickly should you wish to be in touch.
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My sixth work of fiction is GRANITE, ISBN #978-1-55002-843-0,
Publisher: The Dundurn Group. To reserve a  copy, personalized by the author and sent to your home, please check out the Bookshop on www.patmestern.com or the Bookshop on www.mestern.net
        In GRANITE, I have captured the essence and spirit of rural Ontario through the characters that inhabited its farms, villages and towns during the mid-twentieth century.
        Settings include –    The beautiful Hills of Mulmur in Dufferin
County in Southern Ontario interspersed with scenes in Fergus, Hornings Mills, Creemore, Midland, Collingwood and Elmvale.
        The plot:  In June 1962, Lish MacPherson, leaves Toronto with several boxes of pirated files and a jar of earth which label contains place-names that seemed important to her father. Lish’s quest for information about her parents leads to Seven Springs and Thalia Logan Russo’
s property, Hunter’s Mark, where she feels compelled to assist the eccentric elderly woman to save her ancestral lands on the Niagara Escarpment from development.
        Lish is quickly introduced to the rural characters who inhabit the Springs and Valley – Charlie Barnes, Noah Curlew, store & café owner Georgie, Jeff the mechanic and Len his father, the Delaney brothers, Bud, Glenn and Reginald Russo. However tenuous his hold on Hunter’s Mark, land developer, Reginald is determined to get his hands on Thalia’s property. The story involves murder – both ancient and possibly more recent, deception, deceit, blackmail, love of land, love of life and the tenacity of people to fight for what they believe in.