Vein of Live

Posted by admin on Aug 18th, 2021
Aug 18

As a matter of executing the will of Harry Forest, the town’s odd and eccentric loner, the bank appointed executor of the estate, Don Chambers, begins to unravel the crafty secrets of Harry and the lives of the townspeople that will ultimately be affected.Mocked and misunderstood by most, Harry did not have many close confidants. Charlotte Carmello was the one person that understood Harry the most – his one true love. Her untimely death during college broke Harry’s heart leaving him more reclusive than ever. Charlotte’s niece, Ramona Ashden, bore an uncanny resemblance to her aunt. Harry’s undying love for Charlotte and his discreet care for her family was what carried him through his life.Don and Ramona become unlikely detectives piecing together the clues that Harry had been weaving for years. His odd habits of bone collecting and sneaking away to the Canadian bush were not just oddities; they would one day help his community members – past and present.

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